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How To Setup Front Page

You need to create a new page and then select “Front Page Template” from the drop-down page template options –

Create A Page Choosing Front Page Template


To display Front page go to – Dashboard->Settings -> Reading->Front page displays->A static page (select below) and then select the page with Front Page Template –

Set The Page As Front Page

After setting up the frontpage, Go to frontpage and click customize on top left corner of your window –





Once you are in the customizer go to Frontpage->Frontpage-> click “Add a widget here” you can now add/delete/modify Portfolioo widgets on your frontpage –

adding widgets frontpage


After modifying widgets finally click “Save Changes” on top of the customizer.

Note: You can also add widgets to your frontpage widget area by going to Dashboard->Widgets->Frontpage. 

There are two ways add frontpage widget :
First one – 
via adding widgets to dashboard-> widget-> frontpage
Second One – Setting up the frontpage, then going into the frontpage clicking the “customize” button. After that  going into customizer adding widgets to frontpage-> frontpage panel.

Note: The second frontpage panel will not appear if you are not in the frontpage.


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