25 Best Free And Useful Google Chrome Extensions For WordPress

Browser extensions can improve our browsing efficiency. With the right kind of extensions, you can boost productivity or automate certain repetitive tasks in some way. Right now Chrome has more than 70% browser market share that means more people use Chrome. Good thing is that there are several chrome extensions for WordPress to make your blogging easier.

It would certainly be an overkill to do everything the same way for years when browser extension can certainly make it more convenient for us. Surely there are more popular browser extensions for Chrome but this list is focused mainly on WordPress.


1. WordPress Plugin Search


You can search plugins by relevance, ratings, update and installs. Install plugins in a 60-minutes sandbox for free with registration, comes with 6 languages. Although I’m not sure about why there’s a codecanyon link and it’s confusing.  As stated in the app description –

This extension replaces the default search for plugins on WordPress.org with the search engine from Addendio.com. It also provides additional information about the plugin you are viewing, including related items and whether the plugin has a freemium model. Through the “TRY NOW” button you can also immediately test drive any plugin in the WordPress repository on a FREE sandbox.

You can filter your plugin search by less than 1,000, 1,000 – 10,000 and more than 10,000. Last update with less than 6 months, 6-12 months, 1-2 years and more than 2 years filter. Pricing model filters are Free, Freemium and Paid. On the individual plugin page, you can see all the plugins the same author has created (If any).


2. WP Content Discovery

Discover content on WordPress sites, using the WordPress REST API. This extension uses the WordPress REST API that was introduced in WordPress 4.7 to fetch almost all posts and pages on almost any site with WordPress 4.7 or above – even pages that are not linked from menus or posts. Pretty useful for developers that wanna check that the websites they build do not leak any private or sensitive information.


3. WordPress Stats


A real-time WordPress visit counter, You can check easily who visits your WordPress.com blog.


4. Version Checker For WordPress


Check what version of WordPress a web page is powered by. Version Check for WordPress determines if web pages are powered by WordPress, what version they are running, and indicates if the version in use is outdated.


5. Wpsniffer


Detects active WordPress theme and host being used on the current WordPress website. If you want more about themes and plugins any WordPress site use you might wanna check this article – 18 Free WordPress Theme Detector Tools Tested and Compared



6. WordPress Plugin SVN


As simple as it gets, On WordPress plugins pages show a button linking to the plugin’s SVN repository under the .zip file download button. Note – SVN repository can be directly accessed from the plugin page without any additional extension. 4/5 years ago this extension would have been useful but not now.


7.WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts


Gives a complete list of keyboard shortcuts for WordPress. Keyboard shortcut includes Visual Editor shortcuts, Comment moderation shortcuts, and Advance shortcuts.


8. Scan WP Detect WordPress


After you install the extension, an orange WordPress logo will be added to your browser. Clicking on that button will show whether the site was built with WordPress and just press that logo. Within a few seconds, you will know everything there is to know about the theme and plugins.


9. WordPress Checker


Checks for one or more WordPress blogs for unapproved and spam comments. Although the extension hasn’t been updated for a long time, might not work in most cases.


10. WordPress Admin Switcher


This extension is great for power users who want to skip the manual steps of always having to type “wp-admin” into the address bar to log in to a WordPress site, or always having to reach for their mouse/trackpad and click a link in the WP admin bar in order to switch to/from the admin; those processes are replaced with a single keyboard shortcut instead.


11. WordPress Admin Bar Controller


If you have a love/hate relationship with the “Admin Bar” of WordPress with this extension you can hide it. It can be handy when jumping between the front and backend of a site or when writing content but it can also get in the way when doing design or trying to build the aesthetics of a site.


12. WordPress Site Manager


If you manage more than one site this is a plugin you should check out. It stores your WordPress site information and allows quick and easy access to your site’s main pages, Also provides more functionality to the WordPress theme editor by turning it into a CodeMirror editor.


13. WordPress Style Editor


If you’re doing too much style changes on your live site it can get pretty boring, changing the styles in the inspector and then adding it later into the stylesheet. But with this extension, you can save CSS changes made in developer tools, directly to the WordPress stylesheet.



14. WordPress Theme and Plugin Detector


Detects the theme and plugins used in WordPress and display information about them. Plugins detection is done on a remote server and then sends the result to your browser.


15. WordPress Switch

It helps you to switch between different WordPress blogs, easily.


16. Deflame

When a supported site is detected, the Deflame icon will appear in the address bar. Click to get agree/disagree/ignore each comment, which indicates how you feel about the author of the comment.


17. roove

roove chrome extension

For teams that need login details for many apps – like Facebook Business, or WordPress.
With more employees and a growing number of apps, the management of those login details becomes increasingly difficult to manage and update on a regular basis.

With roove you can manage these hassle with ease. You can grant or take away access.


18. ThemeForest Live Preview Opener

If you use ThemeForest extensively this extension will be life saver for you. This extension can open all link preview (called ‘LIVE PREVIEW’) in the search result page of Themeforest website.


19. WPintel – WordPress Vulnerability Scanner

This extension scans your WordPress website and detect –

WordPress version, WordPress version vulnerability, plugins and themes used on the website. Even though it’s designed solely to work on the self hosted sites. WPintel still works with wordpress.com websites as well.

WPintel Video


20. PostSMTP Notifications

Extension is a complementary tool for popular WordPress plugin Post SMTP Mailer/Email Log plugin. Post SMTP Notifications will give your ping on each failed emails send from your WordPress site. All though, you have to log in and give it access to your website.


21. WhatRuns

Similar to websites under the hood lookup tools like – Builtwith. This extension detects patterns the website leaves and shows users what technology is being used on the website. 

Plus, you can also follow the website and get notified when the website introduces new technologies or remove existing ones.

How is WhatRuns different from extensions like Wappalyzer, BuiltWith, Datanyze and Ghostery?

While all of these are good old products, WhatRuns is less heavy on your browser, has a better detection accuracy and recognizes even the latest technologies and plugins compared to our counterparts. We also uncover fonts, WordPress plugins and themes used on websites, which nobody else does at the moment.

WhatRuns Screenshot


22. Sandbox for WordPress

Getting a sandbox for WordPress has now become easier. You can get Instant disposable WordPress installed site to test your plugins, themes any design with one click!

This Plugin allows you to test any WordPress plugins, themes, or any design changes or virtually anything you wish to do in the live site at sandboxwordpress.com

Gone are the days when plugins and themes break your site and you have make your hand dirty to recover the site.


23. WordPress update button

This extension creates a keyboard shortcut to update your WordPress websites with the click of a single button. Just press ctrl+enter or click the WordPress Update button, and your updated content will become available. The script simply clicks the button for you.


24. WooCommerce AliExpress Dropshipping Extension

Connects with your store using this extension to import products from AliExpress and fulfill orders. This extension offers the same extensions as the plugin – https://wordpress.org/plugins/woo-alidropship/.


25. WP Read Time

If you are reading a WordPress blog post and want to know how much will it take to read the full blog post, this extension is perfect for you. If you want to keep your blog post a minimum time length you can use this extension to adjust your content accordingly.

The reading time is based on the average reading speed of 250 words per minute.

To start, simply head on to your WordPress blog to create or edit a blog post. The read time will appear below the word count.


Final Thoughts

That’s all the Best 25 free and useful Google Chrome extensions For WordPress sites. Some of these extensions haven’t updated for over one year, therefore some extensions may or may not work for you. Browser extensions receive less attention than any other WordPress tools. But surely they are handy and useful in most WordPress circumstances. What are the extensions you use? Did you find this list useful? Leave a comment and share your opinion

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