Top 5 Free And Useful Firefox Addons/Extensions For WordPress Users

Even though some of the Firefox addons for WordPress are old but they still works. For years Firefox was the popular browser on the landscape and had the majority of the browser market share. But with the arrival of Chrome browser, Firefox browser market share started declining and ultimately Chrome dethroned Firefox. While Firefox users are on the decline but still for many people Firefox was and still is the go-to browser.

A few weeks back we posted 18 Free and useful Google Chrome extensions For WordPress, This week we want to showcase all the useful WordPress Firefox add-ons. Firefox may have less browsing market share but still, it offers a variety of add-ons to make life easier for Firefox users. So, without further ado let’s dive into the Firefox add-ons WordPress.

 1. Check WordPress Version

A simple add-on to identify WordPress version & plugin, themes for any site using also identifies plugin and their version number, very good for a quick

Size- 242.26 KB
Last updated: Jul 19, 2019
Rating: 5 star
Review: 3
Users: 151

 2. GlotDict

If you live through WordPress and GlotPress this add-on will be a knight in a armor for you. The problem is that every community have their dictionaries to maintain consistency of the terms. The goal of this browser extension is to add that dictionary when the user is translating on GlotPress. Features and Hotkeys included are –


  • Daily update of the glossary for the language in use
  • Remove the loading of social buttons on the website footer
  • Click on the terms with glossary open the consistency tool
  • Add a link to the Translation Status Overview with a button to scroll to the language in use
  • Many hotkeys and shortcut


  • Shortcut on Ctrl+Shift+Z to click “Cancel”
  • Shortcut on Ctrl+Shift+A to click “Approve”
  • Shortcut on Ctrl+Shift+R to click “Reject”
  • Shortcut on Ctrl+Enter to click “Suggest new translation” or “Add translation”
  • Shortcut on Page Down to open the previous string to translate
  • Shortcut on Page Up to open the next string to translate
  • Shortcut on Ctrl+Shift+B to “Copy from original”
  • Shortcut on Ctrl+Shift+F to add non-breaking spaces near symbols
  • Shortcut on Ctrl+Alt+R to reset all the GlotDict settings
  • Right-click of the mouse on the term with a dashed line and the translation will be added in the translation area

Size – 75.5 KB
Last updated – August 8, 2023
Ratings: 4.9 stars
Users: 111
Reviews: 9

3. Web Developer:

The Web Developer extension adds various web developer tools to the browser. Clearing session cookies, editing CSS, displaying element specifics (such photo data dimensions), and other features are a few of them.

Size- 1.12 MB
Last updated: Jan 13, 2020
Ratings: 4.3 stars
Users: 98,732
Reviews: 471

4. WordPress Login Autofill

Automatically prefill your WordPress login credentials in your WordPress login website. Pretty handy for quick login.

Size- 11.32 KB
Last updated: Mar 6, 2024)

5. MainWP Browser Extension

Stay informed by monitoring available updates and non-MainWP changes to your WordPress sites. Connects to your MainWP Dashboard via REST API.

Do you often want to stay informed about the available updates without logging into your MainWP Dashboard?

Look no further, this MainWP Firefox extension is designed to help you easily keep track of available updates across all your connected Child Sites, including changes to your plugins and themes status done outside your Dashboard.

With this extension, you also gain the ability to control how often it retrieves updates from your MainWP Dashboard.

You can choose intervals as short as 15 minutes or as long as once a day, giving you the flexibility to stay informed at your preferred frequency without logging into your MainWP Dashboard.

➤ Features
Stay informed on WordPress core, plugins, themes, & translation updates
Automatically fetch the number of available updates for all Child Sites
Easily set the updates check time-interval
Manually fetch available updates count
Track the number of changes made outside of your MainWP Dashboard
Time Tracker (MainWP Pro required)
Quickly jump into the desired Dashboard page to take action on updates
Supports all Chromium-based browsers
Easily connect using MainWP REST API

➤ How it Works
Login to your MainWP Dashboard and navigate to the “REST API” menu from the left pane.
Click “Add API Keys.” Make sure the “Enable REST API key” is toggled ON.
Write “Description,” for example: “My Brower extension keys”.
Install this extension, and click on the MainWP icon in your browser to open the settings for the extension.
From your MainWP Dashboard REST API screen, copy “Consumer Key” and “Consumer Secret” and paste them on the extension.
Hit “Save Settings” on your MainWP Dashboard, then click “Save Settings” on the extension.
Voila! Your MainWP Dashboard is now connected to your extension.

To understand better, take a look at our detailed guide:

Size- 80.73 KB
Last updated: Mar 12, 2024
Ratings: 2.7 stars
Users: 250
Reviews: 6

Summing up

I hope this list will help you improve your WordPress workflow on Firefox, also will make your WordPress firefox add-ons collection bigger. What are the add-ons you use? Do you have any other favorite WordPress Firefox add-ons? Let people know about it in the comments

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