Security Ninja Plugin Review – How Can It Secure Your WordPress Sites?



WordPress is the most dominant content management system as it powers 30% of all websites. Although it provides users with thousands of useful features, the system is not perfect. According to the research, almost 90% of websites contain at least one serious vulnerability.

In such circumstances, it is crucial to protect your site and keep it safe from hacker attacks. The easiest solution is to find a reliable WordPress security plugin. A Security Ninja Plugin is one of the best options in that regard because it’s free and it covers all of the basic safety issues.

In this post, we will analyze this plugin to show you what makes it so helpful for your website.  


What Is Security Ninja?

Security Ninja is a WordPress-based plugin suitable for anyone who wants to make their site more secure and prevent downtime due to hacker attacks.

Thomas Goldman, a cyber security expert at UK Best Essays, recently noted that Security Ninja works with all themes without slowing down the website: “Security Ninja occasionally runs tests that don’t take longer than one minute and this is the only period when you may experience a slight slowdown”.

Besides that, the plugin cannot make any changes to your site because it only runs tests, displays results, and suggests corrective measures with precise instructions. You can watch this YouTube video



How Does It Work?

Security Ninja is easy to use but it still conducts comprehensive safety analysis. With this plugin, more than 50 security tests are only one click away from you. You will receive the outcome almost instantly in the form of color-coded results along with links to detailed explanation of the problem and ways to fix it.

Security Ninja also allows you to take preventive measures against hacker attacks, test file permissions or debug and auto-update modes, and conduct database configuration analysis. At the same time, it includes brute-force attacks on user accounts to test password strength and numerous installation parameters tests, while the developers keep adding new features with every update.

As the comprehensive and all-encompassing plugin, Security Ninja offers a wide variety of safety tests. Here’s what you can do with it:


  • Check if WordPress core, themes, and plugins are up to date
  • Check if automatic WordPress core updates are enabled
  • Check if there are deactivated plugins
  • Check if active plugins are compatible with your version of WP
  • Check if there are any deactivated themes
  • Check if full WordPress version info is revealed in page’s meta data
  • Check if readme.html file is accessible via HTTP on the default location
  • Check the PHP version
  • Check the MySQL version
  • Check if server response headers contain detailed PHP version info
  • Check if expose_php PHP directive is turned off
  • Check if user with username “admin” and administrator privileges exists
  • Check if “anyone can register” option is enabled
  • Check user’s password strength with a brute-force attack
  • Check for display of unnecessary information on failed login attempts
  • Check if database table prefix is the default one
  • Check if security keys and salts have proper values
  • Check the age of security keys and salts
  • Check if general debug mode is enabled
  • Check if database debug mode is enabled
  • Check if JavaScript debug mode is enabled
  • Check if display_errors PHP directive is turned off
  • Check if WordPress installation address is the same as the site address
  • Check if wp-config.php file has the right permissions (chmod) set
  • Check if install.php file is accessible via HTTP on the default location
  • Check if upgrade.php file is accessible via HTTP on the default location
  • Check if register_globals PHP directive is turned off
  • Check if PHP safe mode is disabled
  • Check if allow_url_include PHP directive is turned off
  • Check if plugins/themes file editor is enabled
  • Check if uploads folder is browsable by browsers
  • Check if Windows Live Writer link is present in pages’ header data
  • Check if wp-config.php is present on the default location


How to Install Security Ninja?

The installation procedure for Security Ninja is the same as all other WordPress plugins. You just need to open WordPress admin, go to Plugins, and click the option “Add New”. Once you’ve done that, you should enter “Security Ninja” in search bar and run the search.

WordPress will display this plugin as the first result. Choose the “Install Now” button to download and launch the plugin. After that, the only thing left is to go to Tools – Security Ninja and run your security tests.


Security Ninja PRO

Besides the free version, there is also the Security Ninja PRO. Its price ranges from $29 for single site owners to $199 for lifetime services for up to 99 websites. Besides the basic features, it offers additional benefits to the users:


  • Core Scanner: Security Ninja PRO enables you to easily monitor the state of WP core files. You get a clear view of files that are but shouldn’t be modified and restore them with a single click.
  • Malware Scanner: Powerful heuristic malware scanning algorithm will check all your themes, plugins, uploaded files, and options table for suspicious content.
  • Auto Fixer: This tool automatically creates backups, edits files, and conducts a variety of other activities on your behalf.
  • Cloud Firewall: It’s a cloud-based system with the collective know-how of millions of attacked sites, which helps you to chase away bad guys before they even open your site.
  • Events Logger: Using this option, you can monitor, track, and log more than 50 actions on the site, from user actions to post edits and widget changes.
  • Database Optimizer: Adding content on your site leads to garbage data accumulating in the database which slows down your site and takes up disk space. With Database Optimizer, you can fix the problem with one click.



So, Is Security Ninja Worth It?

Overall, Security Ninja offers a solid security for WordPress websites. It has a lot of great features, like the comprehensive core scanner, malware scanner, auto fixer, could firewall and events logger module. Besides security scanning & monitoring, Security Ninja plugin can make your site safe. The free version as well as the pro version can help hardening your website security. If are on a tight budget and you want to protect your site, you should check out Security Ninja plugin.

We’d like to hear about your experience. Have you used Security Ninja security plugin and/or their paid service in the past? If so, please tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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