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You may have clicked on a broken link while surfing on the internet. It gets you to a 404 not found page, which is not a good thing for the users. These broken links affect the web traffic coming to your site and also affect the ranking of your site. In this post, we will discuss these broken links, the best-broken link checkers, and how you can fix these broken links?

We have compiled a list of best-broken link checker in 2020 for you. You can find the broken links on your website that are affecting your web pages.

Google Search Console

Previously known Webmaster Tools, Google Search Console, is a good starting point to find the broken links. Go to the dashboard of Google Search Console, and you will find a summary under the current status of any issues Google might have discovered during your domain indexing.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a common WordPress plugin with a menu option connected to the Google Search Console above. You can, therefore, directly check and fix your links from WordPress Admin. It is completely free of cost and very easy to use. It gives you the broken links in your site and indicates which links need your attention.

Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker is a very popular WordPress favorite plugin to locate broken links. It already has a very high rating of consumers garnering 4.2 out of 5. It is downloaded more than 500,000 times by the users. You can launch a scan of your website blog after installing this tool, and the tool prepares reports and collects information while working in the background.

You have some alternatives to how to continue with the broken links in this broken link checker tool. The “Edit URL” option lets you modify the URL, “Not Broken” option allows you to mark a broken link as not broken. The “Dismiss” feature removes the link from the list of broken links.

Prepostseo Link Checker

PrepostSeo Link Checker is another addition to the faulty link checker tools. It is very efficient in searching the broken links on a website. This tool is offered by Prepostseo, which is a complete suite of SEO tools, and their broken linker checker is one of those tools. They provide 24/7 support for all of their tools, and it makes them stand apart from their competitors. When you check broken links using this tool, it gives you the anchor, follow status, type of the link, and live status of the link at the same time.

Broken Link Check 

Broken Link Check is used to find the broken links in websites and is an award-winning tool for the same purpose. The Broken Link check is extremely easy to use and provides feedback with both an SRC and a URL to decide which section of your code is incorrect. 

It searches for broken or dead links on your blogs and websites and can test an infinite number of web pages for broken links. There is no limit for checking webpages. It scans all URLs (internal and external) and indicates the broken links in HTML of the website. Broken Link check tool can run on all several platforms, including Mac, Windows, iOS, and Linux.


Integrity is a free Mac link checker, very accurate and fast, and native to OSX. We have tested it to compare it to the Broken Link checker. It finds the broken links on a website in full depth as compared to other tools. It always found more broken links than other broken link finders, which makes it superior to its counterpart tools.

Integrity provides four views for data analysis after finding the broken links. You can view and analyze these links by status, page, flat view, and by link. Each one is good, depending on how well you want the results to work.

Double-clicking a broken link from the results helps you to show what is and where is the fault, and it opens in a second window called “The Inspector Path.” The user interface of Integrity is very charming, but it is only developed for the Mac yet, so you need to search around if you are a Windows user.

What is 404 Not Found Error?

You will note that there are different kinds of error codes after you use any of the above software to locate your broken links. You may encounter the 404 Not Found Error while surfing on the web or maybe in your own website. This error code means that the server is not able to find the page that is requested by the user. It may also be the reason that the URL is broken and not modified yet, or the page has been moved or deleted from the server.

How to fix the broken links?

It is a good thing to use a tool to find broken links, but even after they are found, you still must repair them. You can fix these links by using some options. Check if you have mistyped the link. If the link is not correct, type the link correctly. Check if the broken link on your website is the link to another website that is not working. If this is the case, remove the link immediately because it will affect your site. If the linked website is restructured or re-designed, the existing link should be changed to assign it to a new website link. There are many ways to fix the broken links on your website. Read this detailed guide on how to fix your broken links.

All in all

You just have to spend time finding and fixing them regularly. Your users will increase due to your efforts to keep the content and links in good shape. Search engines consider the broken links as bad SEO and rank the websites with broken links low in SERP.

You should not sit back after fixing some of the links on your site because broken links will always be there. You need to check and fix them continuously. You have no excuses to keep the website perfect with such a huge number of tools accessible for all the different platforms.

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